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Jean-Baptiste Bénard - English Booster

Jean-Baptiste Bénard is the founder and CEO of English Booster, which is a company whose mission is to help professionals impact in English.

This activity consists in impacting in English in situations such as presentation, meeting animation, phone conference… As well as bringing each participant out of his or her comfort zone during coaching and training sessions. The main mission of English Booster being increasing the impact, the company is also dedicated to being caring and boost its participants’ confidence.

For Jean-Baptiste Bénard, the location has a crucial importance for this type of activity. As a matter of fact, he had a revelation when he discovered the Louvre Focus Group rooms, as he instantly saw in these rooms the possibility of combining the impacting professional side and the cozy and colorful side that allows participants to feel at ease.

During his one year collaboration with Louvre Focus Group, Jean-Baptiste Bénard has also noted another important point, which is the quality of the greeting and the team, both from the participants’ perspective and from the executives’ perspective, as they appreciate this human side and proximity, which changes from the other business centers he was given to see.




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