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Training room

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The importance of a training session

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Training will improve your employees’ productivity and allow them to really express their opinion and whishes.
This is why Louvre Focus Group accompanies you throughout the planning of your training sessions by providing you with an unusual work environment to break with a too often formal setting because by disconnecting from ones professional setting, we can focus more on the actual training. 
We firmly believe that the success of a training session is the result of:
  • The place where it takes place
  • An easy access 
  • The training session location’s infrastructure 
  • An attentive and available team at your service
  • Performing and adaptable services and equipment 
At Louvre Focus Group, we guarantee an ideal place to train your teams, far from your usual work environment, in friendly and welcoming rooms with untypical decoration.

Training session room "Nuits Saint Georges"

High-Range training roomHigh-Range training room "Nuits St Georges"

            Surface :

  • 38m², classic room with moldings and pillars, paintings, sculptures…
  • Room capacity 8 to 18 participants

            Set up :

  • U shape
  • Classroom configuration
  • Theater shape
  • Chairs in semi circle
  • Central table shape
  • Buffet shape for cocktails
  • Standing table or coffee table whether it’s for a classic training session or more creative ones

Room "Chinon"

Chinon consommateurs
Room seating plan and return room“Chinon” Room seating plan and return room
  • 35m² of a luminous yellow, two large windows and a decoration conferring a living-room/library feeling to the room, ideal for projections
  • You can invite up to 25 trainees 
  • Every type of set up is possible
We recommend that you notify us the day before the latest

Room "Saint Emilion"

Salle de réunion St Emilion
Room seating planRoom seating plan"Saint Emilion"





  • 22m², classic room with wooden floor and high ceilings 
  • Can receive between 10 to 18 people depending on the set up

Our team of professionals is available to assist you in order for you to carry out your projects in optimal conditions.




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