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Fees for Louvre Focus Group meeting rooms

Flexibility and adaptability are key words that summarize our rooms and interview offices.

Public rates

Equipements pour réunion
If you make punctual reservations for our rooms, we have public rates, which are totally reasonable given that :
  • Our strategic location in the heart of Historic Paris between the Louvre and the Opera, Metro line 1 (station: Palais Royal / Musée du Louvre) and lines 7 & 14 (station: Pyramides),
  • An ancient building that retains its charm: moldings, high ceilings, chimneys... The rooms are decorated and arranged in a design, cozy and warm spirit with a painting gallery in order to enliven the whole. 
  • A bilingual team, attentive to the smallest details for the success of your meeting / your studies.

Laetitia or Sabina will advise you : 01 44 86 06 50

Consumers rooms preferential rates

Plan des salles Louvre Focus Group
Like in many sectors, our business is seasonal and some days of the week are more requested than others. Therefore we practice a "yield management", which allows us to manage our availability thanks to flexible rates:
  • According to the month of the year and certain days of the week: Mondays and Fridays and from 3 days of reservation for the same study
  • If your “last minute” demand is made between 72 and 24 hours prior to the study subject to our spaces availability

We also set up "framework agreements” for a frequent use of our rooms: From 2 room rentals per month and this spread evenly over the year, meaning: 24 reservations per year.


Our team will listen to your specific request : 01 44 86 06 50

"Standard" rates of our meeting rooms

Salle de réunion Saint Emilion
For meeting rooms, we offer various sizes allowing you to have costs adapted to the number of your participants:
  • Interview rooms for IDIs or duo / triads;
  • Rooms for 6 to 8 participants;
  • Training rooms for 8 to 12 participants;
  •  Room surfaces capable of welcoming up to 18 people around a central table or up to 30 people in a "theater" setup
Which allows adjusting the costs with your budget according to the "fill-up" of your meeting. 
We also offer privileged agreements to be set up with our sales executives as soon as the frequency of use of the rooms is quite regular.



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