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Qualitative studies covering various fields of activity

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Companies, which are at a milestone of their strategic development of their brands or products need to carry our studies with consumers to assess if they’re going in the right direction, change their strategy or be comforted in their process, or if they need to modify certain elements.
etude qualitative

Consumers meetings for consumer goods

Bourgueil consommateurs
Whether it is for yoghurt, shampoos, food supplements, beverages, sneakers, clothes... All that we use in our daily lives regardless of our age, social context and gender. The aim being to assess: des goà»ts, packaging, design, communication campaigns, colors... All this in a friendly room with a two-way mirror behind which, the client can observe the consumers’ responses.

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Studies on IT, Internet

test techniques
  • Whether it is for website testing: choosing the ergonomic, browsing capacity, highlight certain section compared to others, follow up of the users’ journey/process… 
  • For telecommunication operators, all types of high-tech objects: in order to define new functions of a phone, headphones, tablets… compared to the evolution of consumers’ lifestyles.

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The medical field, an important player in studies

Whether it is for physicians, nurses, caregivers, administrative staff of a hospital or private structures. The ideal being to study the impact of a new treatment, give information to pharmaceutical companies on patients’ expectations and the diseases evolutions, on the way of communicating messages to patients… Patients can also be questioned on the efficacy of a treatment, the potential adverse events, the medical teams’ follow up, the impact of new guidelines or regulations.

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Other industries on which qualitative studies are carried out

Groupe créatif
The industries of Finance, Insurance and Luxury are also very representative to collect simultaneously clients opinion and remarks but also from competitor brands clients in order to sometimes rethink things over or use other innovative paths...
Opinion polls and surveys, in politics are the result of numerous analysis, which are then transmitted to medias: press, television, Internet before or after elections or during strategic society debates.
Behind the main room where the consumers are, you can find the marketing department of the sponsor company alongside the Institute that was chosen to carry out the qualitative study and the further analysis. This way, they can follow their reaction. The debates, exchange between participants are filmed strictly in a confident manner and only for the use of the study. Whether you are a participant or a client, you won’t stay indifferent to what’s happening, and all of this in an atypical and pleasant location, with joyful colors to facilitate the group dynamic !

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